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Mary Fons- Our Quilter in Residence

Crown of Thorns Beauty Shot

Mary Fons is our 'Quilter in Residence'!

We have our first ever 'Quilter in Residence'....and of all people in the world, who would be better to have than ...MARY FONS! 

Newberry 130729 096-HR

The incredible Mary Fons, creator, editor and creative director of Quilty, renowned teacher and lecturer, writer, quilter, designer and inventor of Quilt Charms™and co-host of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting on PBS/Create (alongside her mother, beloved quilter and educator Marianne Fons), ..welcome.

Mary has set up her beautiful Babylock Elissimo in our back room, so that she can  cut, sew, press, design, and hang out! Mary will be on hand to talk to knitters about quilts and why they should make them. How cool is that? Check out Mary's blog, 'Papergirl'.This is our newest favorite reading, and is sure to be yours as well! While there, read her blog about us, which made us *blush* madly.

And? It keeps getting better..Mary will set up a little design wall in our space, and can answer patchwork questions if they come up while she is at The Yarn Company during business hours.

There are no words to describe how honored we are. We cannot believe Mary will be around- we hope to be able to soak up some of her brilliance while we have her on site! And? The best might still be to come. Stay tuned for more surprises on this front! Mary, we love you!