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Liquidation Sale- 50% off!

Our 50% off Mondo Liquidation Sale!


Mondo Liquidation Sale!

Guess what! The Yarn Company is making room for our specialty- more exclusive hand dyes! So get ready, because to accommodate this, we must liquidate all our nonexclusive commercial yarns.

What a win-win for you! You will go crazy for our new stock after walking away with our old, with prices slashed---in half! That's right: ALL SALE YARN IS 50% OFF! Please note that no further discounts can apply. The sale is "pay and carry," final sale, no return, no exchange, no pattern support. House patterns are not included and cannot be sold separately.

The sale stock in store includes oodles of yarn lines and companies and will rotate as room is made---new stock will be brought out only as sale stock leaves. There will soon be very limited quantities of everything, of course. And, you need to ask to see some things which will be brought in from the stockroom for you. So hurry on in to select now and keep checking back. Please, as you know, The Yarn Company does not usually hold sales. This is a true liquidation of these lines. You'll be wishing the summer would end!

Online? Quantities cannot be guaranteed, and we will get back to you within 48 hours if we are out of stock. Remember, only non-exclusive/commercial (and non-hand dyed) yarns are on sale. But, with dozens of companies and hundreds of yarn lines, this is mammoth. Use code MONDO502015 at checkout to receive your discount (50%).

And? All books and all magazine back-issues are 70% off (books& magazine sale only in store- can't be shipped). Enjoy!

Choose yarns from the following companies:

Araucania, Berocco, Blue Sky Alpacas, Coastal Color Yarns, Crystal Palace, Debbie Bliss, Ella Rae, Filatura di Crosa, Green Mountain Spinnery, Jade Sapphire, Karabella, Katia, Knitting Fever, Lana Grossa, Lang, Louisa Harding, Punta del Este, Schulana, Skacel, S. Charles, Tahki, Trendsetter, Valeria di Roma, Araucania

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The Crib


The Verdant Gryphon Crib and Clubs now open at The Yarn Company!  Yes, other than the Verdant Gryphon itself, this is the only place to get groovy offerings from our favorite hand dyers! It's a craze! Check out our newest clubs, cribs (when we have them) and more here! 

December2015 /January 2016 Crib

All hail the December Crib! The Verdant Gryphon’s latest palette is dubbed “Letters” and is based on the colors in a photo by Assaf Ronen of street art in Tel Aviv. And what a Crib! First in the series is Blue Morpho, offering delicate butterfly blues in a field of earthy browns. Next, Jelly Bean Row is a handpainted handful of assorted flavors, from cherry to lemon to wintergreen. Then there is La Sagrada Stained Glass, which glows with juxtaposed dark and light blues, oranges, greens, purples, and yellows, seemingly lit from within. Rainforest Dragon brings us soothing pastel blues and greens with glimpses of deep purple, lime green, and magenta. And? Four new colors! Hidden Forest delivers the hushed misty violets and blues of first light; Pink Shadows paints a tender range of rose. Then really wake up, to Tangerine Tango, pure throbbing citrus.Hot Lava Love sizzles with crimsons to melt through any winter. Check out the cool Pthalo greens of Misty Mint. Last but far from least, Another Dye in the Pot: don’t let the casual name fool you, this one is killer, with deep browns leading into vermilion, spiked with complementary cerulean blue. Wow. All of these magnificent Letters are available in fingering-weight, fine and supersoft Skinny Bugga! with its custom twist, and soft, rounded, versatile Traveller. Skinny Bugga! is 80% Merino wool, 10% Mongolian cashmere, and 10% nylon, 425 yards per 4.3-ounce skein, gauge 8 stitches per inch on US #1 needles; Traveller is 100% superwash Merino, 280 yards per 4-ounce skein, gauge 5.5 stitches per inch on US #5 needles. A perfect way to end the year!

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September Crib

Look alive: it’s the gorgeous September Crib! The Verdant Gryphon’s belle dame Jamie concocted this month’s colorways from a photo of Israeli street art, taken by Assaf Ronen. Big Rock Candy Mountain is a lollipop of flavor: cherry reds, banana yellows, and splashes of spearmint and grape; Carousel Horse is a blur of blue purple green white wow, fleeting and unforgettable. Next, Dash Against Darkness pits white against grays; and deep blues and greens swirl together in Lady of the Lake. Red Spider Mite is vivid as a bite, and Radical Chartreuse is a stand-out bright for every season. Painterly Retrospective Rainbow is a palette of reds, blues, browns, whites, and lemon limes. Erkline-in-White is a dream of cream. Last but definitely not least, our exclusive Tel Aviv, My Heart, throbs with passionate red, white, and grays! All available in Bugga! (70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon, 412 yards per 4-ounce skein, 5-8 stitches per inch) and 8-ply laceweight Mithril (100% merino wool, 750 yards per 4-ounce skein, 8 stitches per inch on US #1 needles). Rock the Crib!

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August Crib Early Bird Call

Summer is in full swing, and hot August colorways are chilling at the Verdant Gryphon Crib here at TYC. This month’s street-art inspiration comes from a photo taken by Romy Ronen, of a fantastic saturated wall in an alley in Ghent, Belgium. First in the VG August collection is Purple Islands of Morocco—hazy pastel violets, pinks, and a bit of blue, through half-closed eyes. Next, Sunkist Romance: an inspiring thrill, combining sweet pinks and blood red, pale teal, and tangy orange. On the Island is a gentle mix of cool, watery blues; gorgeous Urban Orchid is true to the flower, ranging from pure white to dark pink; Mardi Gras Parade is a parade of sensual deep burgundy, proud turquoise, and wild yellow-greens. Spider Woman throws flashes of vermilion, acid green, and yellow against pitch black; 4 spanking new colors designed just for the crib- read about one of those below. All available in Bugga! (70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon, 412 yards per 4-ounce skein, 5-8 stitches per inch) and Little Traveller (100% superwash merino, 280 yards per 4-ounce skein, 5.5 stitches per inch on US #4-7 needles). Ships August 1. Beauteous!

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July Crib

Check out the inspiration for The Verdant Gryphon's July 2015 Crib! Assaf took to the NYC streets again and see what the Verdant Gryphon imagined from this wondrous display. This July palette is available in both Bugga! and Little Traveller (a great fingering weight making big comeback). And who said those fireworks were for Independence Day? Hurry dears, because when each month is over, the monthly crib is gone from the wall, poof.

One of Gryphon's classic yarns from the good old days, Little Traveller is a great light fingering-weight yarn, and has recently pulled out of the vaults- to a great big comeback! And now? strutting its stuff, a curated color line for the July Crib, based on Assaf's NYC Street Art Photo. Little Traveller is 560 yds/4 oz, 9 sts per inch on a US 1's (if used as a sock yarn), but can be knit as great lace weight using larger needles, suggested US 5's for lace. 100% superwash merino.

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June Crib

Check out the inspiration for The Verdant Gryphon's June 2015 Crib! Assaf Ronen's lively photo “New York City Street Art” is begging to be translated into yarn. Who knew a random collage of city stickers would be destined for such glory? This hot June palette is available in both Bugga! and ethereal laceweight Mithril (8-ply 100% merino, 750 yards per 4-ounce skein, 8 stitches per inch on US #1 needles). Get ready for gorgeous! But? Hurry dears, because when each month is over, the monthly crib is gone from the wall, poof.

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April Crib has Arrived

Watch Out! The Verdant Gryphon April Crib at The Yarn Company has arrived! Once again the palette is inspired by Tel Aviv street art photographed by Assaf Ronen. Stunning Array of ten colorways each in Bugga and Traveller. Can you guess which 3 are new, created just for this month's crib? Click to see them all- Try in sport/fingering weight Bugga! (70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon, 412 yards per 4-ounce skein, gauge 5-8 stitches per inch) and DK-weight Traveller (100% superwash merino, 280 yards per 4-ounce skein, gauge 5.5 stitches per inch on US #4 needles). You know how quickly this sells out, so go for it!

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February Crib has Arrived

Loved our Verdant Gryphon Crib? Well, Tada! January is nearly here, and the January Crib Palette has already arrived to beckon in 2015! Sneak Preview of the January colorways and the photo that inspired the palette- More street art photographed by Assaf. You will have to come by and see the rest! Since launching in September, the monthly Verdant Gryphon Crib at the Yarn Company is a true hit. The VG's fabulous new nonvirtual venue offers a rotating selection in The Yarn Company's romantic back room, with a new color palette each month. Come see a gallery inspired VG booth right here in Manhattan! As you know, when the month is over, the January color palette will be either sold out or whisked away, poof! Very Limited Quantities. Grab your selection online here, now!

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Verdant Gryphon


Verdant Gryphon! Verdant Gryphon!


Is it possible? Are we the first retail store in history to be getting exclusive colorways from Verdant Gryphon? But yes! Are we the only retail outlet for Verdant Gryphon, period? Mais oui! We are fainting with joy! 

And on Sunday, September 29, from 12-4, Jamie (Creative Director of VG) will grace us with an official launch and a talk! She will Take us ona fantastical tour and find out how the magic of the Verdant Gryphon began in the back yard.Jamie will be sharing behind the scenes story about the company, and the inspiration for theirworld of design and colour. Sign up now, spots very limited- This will be a free trunk show, talk and launch. Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or RSVP here.


Jamie will be launching our two exclusive colorways in Bugga!, Eidos and Traveller. Mithril and Mondegreen will come later this year.. There are two new colors, and the always thoughtful and creative Gryphon has given different names for each base. She explains that the teal ones are “good” versions of things and the purple ones are the “bad” versions. For example, teal in the Bugga! base is “Lady Beetle,” whereas in purple, Bugga! is “Mexican Bean Beetle.” “These are garden look-alikes,” writes Gryphon, “the lady beetle being of course the familiar aphid-eating helper, while the Mexican bean beetle is a destructive pest.” The soft and luxe 3-ply sport-weight Bugga!, always named after insects, is 70% superwash merino wool, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon; 412 yards per 4.3-ounce skein, 7 stitches per inch on US #2 needles.

In the worldly wonderful Traveller base, Brit Gryphon gives NYC a nod, voting teal for “Times Square” and purple for “Hell’s Kitchen.” Lovely, affordable and deliciously soft DK-weight Traveller is 100% merino, 280 yards per 4-ounce skein, 5.5 stitches per inch on US #5 needles.

In Mondegreen, the yarn whose colorways are named after misheard song lyrics, Gryphon goes good girl/bad girl: teal is “Loves Cheeses, and American Too”---from Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” (“…loves Jesus and America too”)---while purple is “That Girl Is a Badger,” from Akon’s song “Danger” (“That girl is dangerous”). Mondegreen is a crazy-soft 4-ply worsted, 60% Bluefaced Leicester wool, 20% baby camel, and 20% silk, spun with just the right twist for great stitch definition. The wool ensures its structure, the silk gives it strength and sheen, and the camel bestows the softness the yarn is famous for. Mondegreen is 200 yards per 4-ounce skein, 4.5 stitches per inch on US #8 needles.

In the base Eidos, teal is “Ashtoret” and purple is “Arsay.” Eidos, a term drawn from Greek philosophy, refers to the being or essence of something, and Gryphon names her Eidos colorways “from mythology of all ages and places.” Ashtoret and Arsay are ancient Canaanite goddesses: Ashtoret (also called Astarte or Ishtar) was a chief goddess of love and sexuality, while Arsay was a goddess of the underworld. Eidos the yarn is both soft and tough: 2-ply fingering-weight 100% merino, tightly spun and very squishy and elastic, with great stitch definition. 420 yards per 4-ounce skein, 8 stitches per inch on US #1 needles.

Soft but strong lace-weight Mithril is always named after works of art. In teal, it is “The Ascent into the Empyrean,” and in purple it is “Hell,” referencing two contrasting paintings of the beyond by Heironymos Bosch. The gorgeous Mithril is 100% superfine merino, 750 yards per 4-ounce skein; use #3-5 needles.

The good, the bad, and the beautiful---we love them all! Thank you, Gryphon! -Rosie

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