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Worsted Freia (in Electric Peacock, our exclusive)

Winter is here, and so is our newest exclusive! Yes, Electric Peacock, our runaway exclusive hit from Freia Fine Handapinted Yarns is now available in a limited run, in WORSTED! Last’s  summer ‘s electric peacock sport ombre was such a knowckout that Tina decided to dye it for us in Worsted- This beautiful ombré yarn, is a hardy, wonderful weight (100% wool, 127 yards per 75-gram skein, gauge 18 stitches per inch on US #8 needles). Electric Peacock is a high-voltage bird of gradient color. Tina Whitmore, “chief cook and bottle-washer” at Freia, reports that “the worsted in this colorway is so lush---I just want to swim in it!”


The Yarn Company’s Assaf Ronen worked with Tina to design Electric Peacock last spring, The resulting?  Electric Peacock moves from turquoise to royal blue to deep purple to black, in Tina’s trademark ombré style. The balls are gorgeous, like psychedelic sushi, but this yarn knits up beautifully too, in delicious waves of color. “It’s a very urban colorway, very fitting for NYC,” said Tina. There is the Charcoal gradation, but “the flash of color adds a real life and spark to it. I think it’s also a unisex and almost ageless palette that can be used for garments and accessories for any age or gender, which gives the yarn a wide open range of possibilities.” Pleasantly shocking!

Gradient yarns are difficult and very time consuming to create, and Tina rules. Born of Scandinavian parents, Tina grew up in the English countryside; she learned to knit at the age of seven and continued knitting throughout her time in chilly English boarding school. She also traveled extensively throughout Europe and Africa before heading to sunny California. At the San Francisco Art Institute she studied photography, and then did time in retail management at Macy’s—both experiences that would help her immensely in her yarn business. Classes at he California School of Professional Fabric Design in Berkeley helped polish her color and pattern skills.

Tina started Knitwhits in 2002 when a friend of hers was pregnant and Tina wanted to make a hat for the newborn. Alas, every hat she knitted came out too small--and when the baby arrived, he was HUGE! But meanwhile, Tina had come up with a slew of amazing and wild hat designs. Knitwhit was born! The company offered Tina’s original designs, sold in kits that included just the right amount of yarn. As time went on, Tina decided she wanted to create larger garments, using gradient yarns. This was in June 2010, and the market was changing. Like many other independent dyers, Tina was driven to her business because she could not find the yarn she wanted. She asked her dyer friends about the process of dyeing yarn and they honestly told her, “You won’t have a life!” Her friend Jean de Costa of Elemental Affects taught her how to dye via email. With Tina’s background in photography, she glided easily into the art. Says Tina, “It was a comfortable, easy and natural fit…the darkroom translates to the dye room.” So Tina created Freia Fibers as an offshoot of Knitwhits, a celebration of homemade mind-blowing colors. (Freia is the name of Tina’s beloved dog, and also of the old Norse goddess of love and war.) Freia colorways are in such high demand, Tina is indeed busy 24/7—but she is satisfied in her niche, and we are very grateful!

All of Tina’s yarns are American made, from sheep who live in the Rocky Mountains, but it is clear that her international background has had a big impact on her creations. Pictures on her website,www.knitwhits.com, reveal her influences. “I pull colors from my memories and feeling,” she says, “rather than from a book.”- Rosie’s Report number 100 


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Lizard Ridge Blanket Kits!

Yarn packs to make the sumptuous Lizard Ridge Blanket by Laura Aylor from Knitty.com. Noro's shimmering colors interplay with clever, wavy short rows to create the rolling ripples. Stunning! The kit consists of the yarn to make the blanket squares and a copy of the free pattern to include with your shipment. 

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TYC Master Class Video Classes



We are thrilled to kick off our series of videos of master fiber artists! What is a Master Class? Always coveted the signature designs you see on runways, fiber shows, sheep festivals, and elaborate fashion photos? Our master teachers will reveal their tricks and the special techniques that have come to make them famous. Not a simple ‘how-to’ series, our master classes bring the cutting edge secrets to your home. The first three reveals are only the beginning. We will slowly unfold our series that crosses our various fibre artist fields- Knitting, Crochet, Fiber Art, Spinning. Quilting, Sewing, Fashion Trend Analysis, and much more.




What do you get when you buy these videos? A short, to the point session with one of the industry’s finest, and where applicable, the pdf pattern you need to complete your project. And? A 10% coupon to use for the materials for the project at The Yarn Company.


We begin with three, featuring beloved designers Laura Zukaite, Amy Tyszkiewicz, and Zabeth. First Laura Zukaite walks us through the techniques used to make her versatile any-which-way Sideways Folded Scarf. A grand, luxurious wrap that uses a variety of weights and textures for amazing drape, it was featured in her book Luxe Knits Accessories.

The second video gives us Amy Tyszkiewicz of Limonene Designs, showing how to add flair to handspun yarn by with the addition of beautiful artificial flowers. Learn the types of materials needed, how to prepare them, and how to add them to the yarn you are spinning!

In the third video, designer Zabeth describes her serendipitous union with The Yarn Company, different approaches to shawl design, and the elements used in her lovely Coup de Coeur Shawl, which was featured in Interweave Press and was exclusively designed for The Yarn Company. Coup de Coeur was designed in our exclusive Stoplight in Helen’s Lace, from Lorna’s Laces. Zabeth Loisel-Weiner demonstrates a number of techniques required to make the shawl, including lace stitching and blocking, and finishes up with some excellent styling suggestions.

Special thanks to these designers for making these tutorials especially for us. Exclusively for The Yarn Company, Filmed and Directed by Assaf Ronen, and edited by Jasmine Pai,  our in house videos can be viewed wherever, whenever.