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Our Very Own Absinthe

Another TYC exclusive yarn! Heady and delirious, cashmere is in! The Yarn Company’s luxuriously decadent Absinthe is swoonfully soft, handspun in Afghanistan by local artisans in their own homes. Heavy worsted 2-ply with a thick-and-thin texture, this yarn is the stuff of dreams. And no dye! Just beautiful, natural-colored yarns with a wonderful feel. The spinners, Afghan women working for a fair wage, spin cashmere by the kilogram; one kilogram can take 3 to 4 days to produce, and yields 10 skeins. [This is the ultimate feel-good yarn. Not only does it feel good while you are wearing it, but you can feel good knowing that your purchase is helping someone live a better life!

We are proud to be showcasing products from the first facility in Afghanistan’s history to produce cashmere start to finish. Historically, Iran has had control over much of Afghanistan’s cashmere, producing it in Iran and avoiding paying taxes to Afghan cashmere herders]. But since the war in Afghanistan, US aid in rebuilding the nation has supported new factory ventures---including this one. Our partners complete the entire process in Afghanistan, collecting the raw cashmere, scouring the material, dehairing the fiber, and hand-spinning it into Absinthe. 

Absinthe comes in four natural colors . Your projects will work up quickly at 3.5-4 stitches per inch on US #9-10.5 needles. 100 grams per skein. 

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TYC Private Skype Classes


At last! One-on-one knitting instruction in the comfort of your own home, thanks to the wonders of Skype. These sessions have been in the works for two years, and are finally ready to roll. Get solid advice from designer Gretchen Kreutz, right on your screen. A 15-minute session is only $15! Just let us know, in the comments section of your order, which stitch pattern or technique you would like to learn, or which TYC pattern you would like to master, and leave your phone number/e-mail so we can coordinate a good time for your class.


Instructor Gretchen Kreutz is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she earned her B.F.A. in Fashion Design with a concentration on Accessory Design. Her clean, strong designs focus on the conversation between bodily motion and garment, illuminating the natural beauty of form and materials through Modern minimalism.





Wooly Wonka Fiber of the Month Club

Get in on the action! At the beginning of every month, the brilliant Anne Podlesak of Wooly Wonka will send us two beautiful unspun fibers, each in an exclusive colorway! One will be a luxury base with alpaca, silk or exotic fibers, and the other will be 100% wool. Each base will come in a 4-ounce braid and retail at an average of $18-$20. January? Anne is sending us a merino/alpaca/silk roving for the luxury fiber and Polwarth wool for the 100% wool fiber.  And the colors? Exclusive! Awesome! Anne is dyeing up 2 exclusive-to-The Yarn Company colorways (of course!)  - Auld Lang Syne and Fireworks – Just the beginning of a fabulous relationship with a fabulous company.

Each month? Look for more exclusive colorways! A cool colorway and a brighter colorway, in a basic and luxury fiber, each!  We cannot wait!


Anne has plans to develop some exclusive yarns, clubs, and  pattern kits for The Yarn Company in the future, and we can’t wait! Details to come.


For six years, Anne Poldesak has run her own dye studio and online shop, Wooly Wonka. Thanks to her degree in costume design and history, her dyeing and designing career had a head start. Anne writes, “I am inspired by a lot of books I read; many of my colorways are based on a place in a book, or a character in a novel.” Much of her designing comes from literary inspiration as well. Anne credits her “inescapable” bookish DNA, as she is the daughter of English teachers.


To our great joy, Anne’s specialty is layered-color kettle dyes. “ I like developing colorways that have 3, 4, 6 layers to them; those ones that read blue across a room, but up close, you can see some grays and greens and purples hidden under the top dye color.” Anne’s designs have been featured in Interweave Press’s Spin-Off magazine, Jane Austen KnitsThe Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, and two Cooperative Press books. She also has upcoming designs in Louet’s Spring 2014 collection and Twist Collective’s Spring 2014 collection.

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