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Rosie's Report # 36


We Adore Shiri Mor!

Behold this amazing new dress by Shiri Mor! She says it was inspired by recent events on HBO’s True Blood. “As it turns out, Faeries look beautiful in whatever dimension they travel to,” she writes, “and have very powerful sunlight magic! No wonder Vampires find their blood so delicious.” We love the melding of frolicsome day and sexy twilight in this design—the Transylvanian fangs at the waist echoed in the zigzagging woodsy hemline, the purple ribbons dripping down the chest. “Watch out when wearing this dress after sundown,” says Shiri. “You may just get bit!”




Shiri Mor is self-taught and enjoys the math involved in pattern design. She has taught knitting and crocheting all over the New York area and loves to pass on “the bug” to new stitchers. Though Siri’s hands are mostly busy knitting and crocheting, she loves handicrafts of all kinds, including embroidery, jewelry making, and working with polymer clay. Her designs have appeared in Vogue Knitting, Knit1, Crochet Today, and Knit Simple magazines, as well as various publications by Lion Brand and Tahki Stacy Charles.