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Spinning Classes Back in Gear for Fall!!


We are so proud to have fiber diva Donna Panner (Founder and Head of Spin City New York) on our team. Her classes are very popular and space is limited so don’t wait to register. Here is just some of what lies ahead:


Get out of that gym and find out what it means to really spin! Donna Panner will teach you how to spin your own yarn on a drop spindle---no experience necessary! In this three-module class, learn to spin for the first time or improve your technique and learn new skills including plying, carding, combing and silk reeling. Module 1, on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. starting Sept. 24, is “Spinning Basics,” a four-week course covering tying, woolen & worsted spinning, making CD spindles, luxury fibers and more. This class is a prerequisite for the second and third modules as well as for “Wheel Spinning” (which starts right after this course ends but is held on Tuesdays). Then two optional but exciting modules follow, to complete the 7-week course.


In the first week of Module 1, called “Spindles and Wool,” the class will learn drafting, spinning woolen and worsted, and plying, while exploring a range of fibers and tools. Fibers in the spotlight will be Corriedale, Falkland, and Bluefaced Leicester; students will need to bring spindles. Recommended text for this class is Spin It by Lee Raven (Interweave Press). The second class, “Tying Skeins,” will focus on how to use Niddy-Noddy as well as how to set the twist using steam from a tea kettle, and Donna will demonstrate spinning off the fold. This week’s fibers are mohair and alpaca; students are to bring Niddy-Noddies and WPI (wraps per inch) tools (optional). Week three, “Plying,” gives us Andean bracelets and how to make a quill/bobbin for your spindle. Fibers highlighted will be merino and merino blends. Then during the last week, “CD Spindles, Supported Spindles and Luxury Fibers,” we will make CD spindles and get demonstrations on various supported spindles including Navajo, Tahki and Russian spindles, and explore camel and other luxury fibers.


This brings us right to Module 2, “Fiber Prep,” for two weeks: First Donna will lead an in-depth “Carding and Flicking Wool” workshop with “in the grease” wool, scoured fleece and plant fibers. Then the second week, “Blending Fiber” focuses on hackles, wool combs and drum carding.


Next up, Module 3, “Silk,” in which students will learn to create yarn from various forms of silk, and Donna will demonstrate the preparation of silk hankies/caps for spinning.


The initial 4-week course is $180; Module 2 is an additional $100, and Module 3, a single class, is $50. The complete package of all seven classes is $305 (reduced rate). Materials and fibers are not included and are to be bought at The Yarn Company.


Not sure you are ready? Spinning Appetizer is Lesia Tristam may be all you need to make up your mind. every Sunday from 12-1, $28, advance registratino required.  

Interested in Wheel Spinning? Starts September 23!  This 8- week course is held on Tuesdays, from 6:30-8:30 pm. Drafting experience required. Module one of this drop spindle class is all you need if you don’t have any yet, so sign up now!  



Read more here, including syllabi, and sign up now! Space is very limited, especially in the wheel class!