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Unique Sheep Gradients

Box of Crayons1

Gradient Colorways from The Unique Sheep!   

We are tickled many shades of pink to be the one and only place in the region where you can find Green Sheep Bamboo Fingering Yarn, in gorgeous gradience, by The Unique Sheep!

Famous for its gorgeous Gradience line of colorways, The Unique Sheep is run by Laura Lough



and Kelly Eells, serious independent dyers who met on Ravelry in 2008.

Jeff Kelly1small

Early into the new partnership, Kelly discovered the secret to achieving perfect gradience---the art of redyeing yarn so that the color gradually shifts. Lucky world! And The Unique Sheep keeps giving, donating at least 5% of its profits to charities. Favorites include Doctors Without Borders and Amani Children's Foundation; these charities have also inspired colorways---and 50% of the proceeds from these colors go to these organizations! The Unique Sheep also keeps its impact on the environment to a minimum. They reuse water when dyeing; use recycled materials for shipping and recycled paper for patterns, ball bands, and other paperwork; wind their skeins by hand and dry them in the open air to conserve energy; and offer organic yarn---which we in turn are proud to offer you!

The colorways have got to be seen to be believed. First of course is the amazing exclusive Kelly has concocted for The Yarn Company: Twisted Skies!

Twisted Skies

Each skein in this set is its own delight, but together they are magic. Twisted Skies speaks of a smooth flight into the clear turquoise, through deeper blues, into the dusky dusk, and happy landings in complementary purple-brown dreams. Only at The Yarn Company!

Oh, the possibilities . . . Other exclusives include Box of Crayons (grays, fuchsia, violet, sky blue, yellow);

Box of Crayons1

Monochrome Photo (black & white & in between),

Monochrome Photo1


and Reddish Vegetables (juicy pinks and oranges);

REddish VEgetables

Unique Sheep standards include You Zig, I Zag (inspired by Missoni: olives, purples, and finally hot pinks), and Le Petit Prince (inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night, in which pale yellow moves through blues and greens into deep purple); . All of these are available in beautiful Green Sheep Cotton Bamboo Fingering, a dreamy organic blend with fabulous drape. Green Sheep is 51% organic cotton, 49% bamboo and has excellent drape. Each 150-gram set is approximately 660 yards. Every shade a joy!

 Finally, Irina has designed Let The Sun Shine Through Shrug in our exclusive colorways, Twisted Skies. See if you can resist this one. 

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