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About Us/History
The Long and Varied History of The Yarn Company

Who We Are Now

We are a brother  and sister team (business school professor and corporate lawyer, respectively, who grew up in Soho as NYU 'faculty brats'. Our desire to enter into this endeavor probably came about as result of influence from our parents. Our mother was an avid knitter and sewer, and our father had an institute for entrepreneurship- combine the two and a yarn store is what you get. Either way, we are thrilled to be the newest owners of the new Yarn Company and can‘t wait to meet you and show you our homage to fiber artisanship.  We hope you come share in our vision of dazzling colors, flowing fabrics, beautiful canvases, exclusive customs yarns, colorways and designs,  and the best yarns one can imagine. Read all about the newest incarnation of this Manhattan fixture below. Meanwhile, come  say hello, look around, stay an hour, or a day.-    Assaf and Tavy


About The (new) Yarn Company

From the lush walls of colorful yarns to the latest fabric design lines, The Yarn Company turns crafting into an art form. The new co-owners and siblings, Tavy and Assaf Ronen, who took over the legendary Upper West Side yarn store in 2011, have created a modern and clean gallery space brimming with creative energy. Small orange trees sit in the windows, flooding the shop with a warm glow, and exposed brick walls create an intimate atmosphere that invites you to touch your way through an array of artisanal products. Specializing in hand-painted indie yarns and fibers, upscale sewing, spinning, weaving, needlepoint and embroidery supplies, the store also features classes for everything from basic knitting and quilting to elaborate finishing and spinning your own yarn from scratch. The newest reincarnation of The Yarn Company will reignite your creative side.

Redesigned by Assaf, a lawyer who built many of the minimalist fixtures himself out of pipes, the store now includes bright airy work space for classes and shows. The result is a space where fiber artists can both show their designs and teach. The Ronens’ vision is a store that takes its customers’ visions seriously and gives them the tools to realize them. Tavy, a professor of finance with a penchant for haute couture and a love for her sewing machine, says that her concept for the store grows in part out of her Soho, New York childhood: “we were raised in New York in the 70’s and 80’s, when it was Punk New York, Hip Hop New York and Indie Film New York. People with the ‘do it yourself’ ethos of these subcultures exploded into art and dance and fashion. We don’t really believe that art and craft and fashion and real life are separable. Our customers do not knit or sew or embroider or weave to recreate what they see elsewhere. They do it to release their vision.”


About the Yarn Company Before We Entered the Scene

We are proud to be the new owners of one of Manhattan's longest running yarn and knitting establishments in New York City! We decided to keep the old name despite all the radical changes we introduced, because we feel nostalgic about the store's incredible history and presence in the city of our childhood(s). Did you know several of today's industry greats worked at The Yarn Company throughout the years?;Follow the store's amazing history throughout its various evolutions with the timeline below. The store was first established in late 1979 as 'The Thread Company', by Marianne Ake and Lisbeth Perrone, two designers from Sweden.& New York Magazine, January 26, 1981


Melissa Matthay, of knit design fame takes over the store and renames it 'The Yarn Company.'New York Times, September 3, 2010"..the trend-setting Yarn Co. in uptown Manhattan, an enterprise that helped fuel a nationwide passion for knitting. In 1996, New York Magazine included the store in its "Best of New York" issue, and Vogue Knitting Magazine International later named it an "Inspirational Yarn Shop," whose celebrity clientele included Julia Roberts and Gregory Hines."


In 1997, Julie Carles (then Israel) and Jordana Jacobs (then Merlis) purchased the Yarn Company from Melissa Matthay, to put their own mark on the store and  the knitting world, with their series of Yarn Girls Books, especially popular with beginners.


The Ronen Siblings enter the scene. Come say hello!